Everything is connected....


... but some things are more connected than others!


We can help you make sense of how your current work affects people, and how important those effects are. Some call that social impact measurement, some call it impact evaluation. We think it is most useful to learn what is working well, where you might be creating unintended effects and what your stakeholders think is most important.


We can work within impact evaluation frameworks including Social Return on Investment and Contribution Analysis. We have extensive experience of working with vulnerable groups. We can do the study for you but we'd prefer to work alongside your staff to embed skills for the future.


Example projects:

  • Evaluation of The Lens, an initiative promoting workforce innovation through intrapreneurship. The evaluation focused on learning and outcomes from The Lens programme in 4 charities in Scotland. See
  • Contribution Analysis of three co-design projects to enable uptake of self-directed support. For IRISS' Pilotlight project
  • Social Return on Investment Analysis of the Salford Men's Wellbeing Project for Unlimited Potential (awaiting assurance by Social Value UK)
  • Evaluation of IRISS' Social Assets in Action Project, developing the use of asset-based approaches in the delivery of mental wellbeing support. See
  • Social Return on Investment Analysis of a drug and alcohol recovery service for Lifeline Kirklees (assured by Social Value UK)
  • Design of and reporting on social value measurement of a multi-million pound investment programme for Welsh public libraries over 4 years. With Scotinform Ltd.

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